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Pillow Sets


Curated inserts in down or poly fill, will get you the perfect level of comfort and USE with each pillow!  


Custom means, we get to explore the world of fabrics and find that exact look to complete your space.  No one will have the same pillows as you!


We will meet for a consult, and with $150 down, I will come back with a minimum of 4 ideas, with samples, to review. The $150 is applied towards your purchase! 

 Pillows can be considered the "jewelry" to your decor. Custom designed pillow sets will create an updated and professionally designed look.


What do you need? Call or message me to schedule a consult.  I will provide rough ideas per pillow costs before we proceed. 
Can I get samples to look at?  Of course!  That's half the fun!

Are there ways to save money?  I have fabric in every price range and category.  Most importantly, as an investment, I will advise selecting a fabric that will be durable for the intended use for many years to come. Many of my fabrics come with 5 year warranty and some even have Lifetime warranties!  I also have methods for fabrication that may be less labor intensive as an option.  

Can you help me design?  YES!  

Can you reuse my inserts?  YES!  If you have inserts that are still in good shape, I will happily try to reuse. 

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