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Outdoor Cushions


Most outdoor foam does not last more than 4-7 years.  Replacing or "refreshing" that foam can make a huge difference in the comfort and feel of your furniture.


Simply put, outdoor furniture takes a beating from the elements, even if you keep it covered or stored inside during the off seasons.  Replacing your covers will make it feel like a brand new set!


Custom design, means we can go white in the perfect texture or we can go crazy fun!  With my fabric supply, ANYTHING is possible!


What do you need?  For an initial quote, send me the rough measurements of the cushions and I can provide an estimate that will get the ball started.
Can I get samples to look at?  Of course!  That's half the fun!

Are there ways to save money?  (1) I have fabric in every price range and category.  Most importantly, as an investment, I will advise selecting a fabric that will be durable for the intended use for many years to come. Many of my fabrics come with 5 year warranty and some even have Lifetime warranties!  (2) I also have methods for fabrication that may be less labor intensive as an option.  

Can you help me design?  YES!  

Can you store my cushions?  I can store SOME of your cushions if I am replacing foam or need specific measurements with the foam installed.  Mostly, I will want the existing covers if they are removable. 

What are the advantages? You could consider replacing your whole outdoor set, but consider the environmental impact. To keep the cost down, most outdoor furniture on the market will not have the best foam or fabric available and you may be left replacing it again in a short period of time.

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