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Cushions and Pillows/

Replacing indoor or outdoor cushions, creating new custom bench cushions or a unique pillow set for your space. As one of my most common requests, please visit my Outdoor page for more details. 


You don't need to break the bank for a simple window solution.  Maybe you just need that small cafe curtain to provide the coverage you need. Of course custom panels are always an option but we can also hem or add trimming and tape to those ready-made solutions.

Personalized items/

Don't hesitate to ask about custom bags, towels, quilts, heirloom pieces, etc.  With embroidery options, we can make it personalized even more!

Foam and Fabric orders/

With a variety of suppliers, I can help you find that perfect pattern or color.  Foam, along with standard or custom pillow fillers also available.


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